Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map App Reviews

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Fantastic App! Great learning tool!

This app is fantastic! Great way to teach yourself and others about astronomy. The information it provides is extremely interesting and the visual effects are second to none. Highly recommended app for any avid learners out there. As Ghandi once said, "live as though you were to die tomorrow, but learn, as though you were to live, forever"

Actually SO GOOD

Its displays crystallized constellations and had all the background info I can imagine, great that it can adjust to where you point your phone too, pick a star and actually figure out which one it is!

Good job.

The best aplication.




Stunning performance!


This app is incredible. Buy all the add ons!

Love this App.

Star Walk 2 makes going out side with the kids fun and a learning experience. My kids love looking up at the stars picking one out and learning all about it. The pictures and graphics are great!


I dont how accurate it is but I love it

Really enjoyable

Like to see the various moons around their planets. Also pleased with the bundle options.

F-ing awesome!

Cant remember what I paid for this app but love it. The only other thing they could do to improve it is add a live planetarium mode but that would add too much bloat to this app. And a lot of development and audio recording work.

Visually nicer then the original...

I used the original for years and loved it. The biggest thing this app is lacking that the original had was the calendar feature. It was an awesome feature that showed you upcoming astronomical events like meteor showers and eclipses. I will continue to use the original until this feature gets added to the new one. It was an incredibly awesome feature. On a side note, I find it to be highly accurate. I have a degree in astrophysics and astronomy. It is my career as well as my hobby and I recommend at least the original app to anyone who is looking for an app for night sky viewing.


Great App! Very precise

Near perflect

I use this app mainly for nighttime photography. I could not ask for a better guy. Although, I do wish it had more sidelights in their path. Or space junk that I can include in my photographs. Other than that this is the best all the way around

Immersive experience

I love this app. I never uninstall it. The camera augmented reality is very well done and I lose track of time because its so fun.

Extra Terestrial

A great app with amazing realistic and accurate features. It also creates an interesting topic to talk about with your friends.

Amazing App

This is an incredible app. Ive wanted an app to help navigate the sky and here it is. Well worth the money.


Greatest money I have ever spent on an app. Hands down.


Really nothing else to say. 100% amazing!!

Its the Best.

I could get lost in this app. I truly love it and recommend it to all.

Worth Every Penny

Dont bother with other star gazing apps--Ive tried them. Buy this one, you wont be disappointed

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