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Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 4032 ratings )
Reference Education
Developer: Vito Technology Inc.
2.99 USD
Current version: 2.4.5, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 20 Aug 2014
App size: 235.03 Mb

Star Walk 2 is an exquisite stargazing app enabling you to explore the night sky through the screen of your device. Make an effortless journey through thousands of stars, comets, and constellations. All you have to do is point your device to the sky!

Star Walk 2 taps your device’s sensors and the GPS to determine the exact position of stars, planets, constellations, comets, ISS, satellites, star clusters, nebulae and meteor showers in the night sky.

“She’s a beauty.”- The Next Web

“Star Walk 2 is a terrific introduction to astronomy for young and old. It’s also handy for serious stargazers for observing planning.” - TUAW

“Star Walk 2 is visually stunning.” - PCmag

“This is a very beautiful and unusual application that turns your phone into a real planetarium.” - Free apps for me

“For those who enjoy the original app, Star Walk 2 is worth the upgrade — the interface is gorgeous. Anyone with even a passing interest in astronomy should grab Star Walk 2.” - iLounge

“It is worth every penny.” - PadGadget

⁕ BEST OF 2014: The next generation of the best-selling Star Walk, winner of Apple Design Award, used by over 10 million people ⁕

Star Walk 2 is the sequel to the original Star Walk, which is one of the most popular apps for stargazing. If you enjoy exploring the stars and the skies above, then our sky guide app is a must-have for your arsenal.

Enable the augmented reality mode of Star Walk 2 and start your best stargazing experience!

Main features:
- Sky map watching day and night
- A huge number of demonstrated celestial objects
- Real-time​ celestial bodies tracking
- Stunning 3D models of constellations and other sky objects
- The ability to manage time with “Time machine”
- Deep sky objects
- Pro stargazing (the sky at different wavelengths)
- Constellation star finder + the augmented reality mode
- Night mode
- An abundance of interesting information

► Star Walk 2 shows night sky map on your screen in whatever direction you are pointing the device. Orient your device toward the sky and the app activates your camera so you can see charted objects appear superimposed on live sky objects.

► As you hold your phone up and point it towards the sky, the star map follows your motions using the built-in gyroscope to match the map on your screen to the stars seen from your location. Easily find any star, constellation, or satellite in the sky by tapping Search.

► Get a deeper understanding of the constellation`s scale and place in the night star map. Enjoy observing wonderful 3D models of constellations, turn them upside down, read their stories.

► Touching a clock-face icon at the upper-right corner of the screen allows you select any date and time and lets you go forward or backward in time and watch the night sky in fast motion.

► Find and study deep sky objects such as meteor showers, planetary nebulae, star clusters, etc.

► A slider at the left-hand edge of the screen lets you see the sky at different wavelengths. See objects that are only visible at radio, microwave, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray, or gamma-ray frequencies.

► The night-mode of this constellation star finder will make sky and stars gazing at night time more comfortable.

New in Star Walk 2:

- Incredible 3D models of celestial bodies*
- All-new stunning design of the sky guide app
- New simpler and cleaner interface in vibrant colors for retina displays
- Atmospheric visual and sound effects, stirring soundtrack
- Exclusive handcrafted artwork for constellations, inspired by minimalist low-poly art

*Available through In-App Purchases.

If you’ve ever said to yourself “I’d like to learn the constellations” or wondered “Is that a star or a planet?”, Star Walk 2 is the app you’ve been looking for!

Pros and cons of Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map app for iPhone and iPad

Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map app good for

This app is fantastic! Great way to teach yourself and others about astronomy. The information it provides is extremely interesting and the visual effects are second to none. Highly recommended app for any avid learners out there. As Ghandi once said, "live as though you were to die tomorrow, but learn, as though you were to live, forever"
Its displays crystallized constellations and had all the background info I can imagine, great that it can adjust to where you point your phone too, pick a star and actually figure out which one it is!
Star Walk 2 makes going out side with the kids fun and a learning experience. My kids love looking up at the stars picking one out and learning all about it. The pictures and graphics are great!
Like to see the various moons around their planets. Also pleased with the bundle options.
Cant remember what I paid for this app but love it. The only other thing they could do to improve it is add a live planetarium mode but that would add too much bloat to this app. And a lot of development and audio recording work.
I use this app mainly for nighttime photography. I could not ask for a better guy. Although, I do wish it had more sidelights in their path. Or space junk that I can include in my photographs. Other than that this is the best all the way around

Some bad moments

Listed price is only good for constellation search. Want to search for Pluto? It wont even show you its location unless you paid the in-app purchase. Charging extra for pretty 3D object is reasonable. But deactivate the searching functionality of the star chart is greedy and makes it a limited but may not be useless to some star chart. Good thing that my telescope got its own computer to find where they are.
If you just want something that will help you track the whereabouts of the moon, dont get this app. Its not obvious how to do anything with it other than to purchase add-ons, and the "tutorial" is really more of an ad.
Too bad. Keeps telling me to turn on my position which was never off. Simply does not open in my watch
In the third line of the first paragraph they state you can track the stars and the ISS with the app. I wasnt able to it wants me to pay.
I love Star Walk. I use it with my kids all the time and they love it too. But when they charge you extra for something as basic as including the constellations, it starts to feel like a money grab. Get the original Star Walk.
Horrible design. Unable to search and easily look for upcoming events. Horrible app that pushes in-app purchases instead of improving the broken real content. So disappointing. Get starwalk 1

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